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Safety Windows

The laser protection windows, made of plastic material or glass, are used as observation screens in machinery and industrial plants. The operator can monitor the production process and, at the same time, is protected from laser radiation.

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Solution for every application

Upon customer request we can also manufacture the windows in many different formats. The Univet protection windows are EN207 and/or EN12254 certified in order to guarantee the required optical density and to keep the expected level of protection in case of exposure to laser radiation.


All the Univet laser safety windows are certified according European standard EN207 “Personal eye-protection equipment. Filters and eye-protectors against laser radiation”. This norm requires the measurement of the optical density (OD) and the fullfillment of the stability to laser radiation test. At the conclusion of the certification process an independent Notified body issues an official EU-type certificate. Selected products are tested with a laser damage test based on a time base of 10 seconds, instead of the 5 seconds requested by EN207. In addition, European standard EN12254 “Screens for laser working places. Safety requirements and testing” is in some cases used. This norm uses a different time base (100 seconds) and a higher power/energy density for stability to laser radiation test compared to EN207.


Marking according European standards EN207 and/or EN12254 is applied on every laser safety window. Depending on the dimensions of the window and the length of the marking, different styles are used.

Technical catalogue


Univet provides the most common Laser windows.

However, upon customer request, we can

manufacture windows in many different formats.


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Customized Shape

Univet is pleased to supply windows cut according to customized shapes to guarantee that each single window supplied is compliant with the EN certifications.

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